33 MONKEYS IS AN INNOVATION RETREAT on the countryside: we bring together 33 friends in the middle of nowhere, to cook together, innovate, co-create and dive into virtual reality, mindfulnessand innovation. Just like in the old days, friendships will be formed as our 33 MONKEYS grill,workshop, sit around camp fires and play guitar with people from around the world.

Monkeys are by nature experimental. They like to explore try out new gadgets. A perfect theme foran innovation retreat. We would like you to be completely open-minded and test your boundaries.We decided to take number 33, because one of our key values is intimacy, so we would like to keepthe group to around 30-40 maximum to make sure we foster true connections.


Gesine Haag

Gesine has been active in internet ventures for more than two decades. She has held senior marketing roles at Amazon, match.com, Thomas Cook, lovefilm, onlineprinters, armedangels etc. With her strategic internet consultancy LetsGoSurfing she has focused on growth potential of internet businesses by developing a meaningful brand purpose, strong product proposition and multi-channel marketing strategy. Gesine is part of the digital innovation lab Katapult Now and serves on the executive board of thjnk, a leading German advertising agency. Gesine has a passion for companies with a positive impact on ecological or social matters. She loves to empower companies and people to discover and unfold their full potential. She is passionate about being active on the ocean and in the mountains, enjoying surfing, kiting, skiing, and hiking. She also spends considerable time focusing on meditation and discovering what else matters in life. With her husband and kids she lives on Mallorca and likes to travel the world whenever possible.

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Frank Maruccia

Frank Maruccia was born 1963 in Stuttgart and is an economist with studies in Augsburg and Ulster. The former owner of a market research agency has been living in Majorca since 2006.Frank has realized his dream by building a small winery. After selling his agency to a listed company in the USA, he decided to change his life entirely. Today, he runs his own little bodega asa wine club and offers exclusive access to his wines to a small circle of friends and restaurants.

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Andrea Danke

During her university studies of Psychology and Business in LosAngeles and working at MTV and Universal Music, Andrea came to yoga after the events of 9/11. Six months later, she began her first hatha yoga teacher training with her teacher Erika Faith Calig, founder of Cloud Nine Yoga School in L.A. Here she was told to try out as many yoga stiles as possible. Thus, she found her way to Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles and her main teacher to this day Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, one of the most famous kundalini yoga teachers worldwide. In 2006 she began her kundalini yoga teacher training. She founded the first German online yoga magazine www.yogarelations.com.

André Danke

Born in Bielefeld, Germany, Andre moved to Munich after graduating High School. From the Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing (BAW), he received his diploma in Communications.Throughout his career he worked in corporate consulting, media and licensing and for companies such as Warner Bros.Without a yogic background at that time, Andre recognized that the challenges of today’s (professional) world often times appear as two separate entities. He decided for a radical change by moving to a remote island in Canada in order to reestablish a work life balance. It was there that he met his first yoga teacher and began practicing hatha yoga. His modeling and acting career allowed him to travel around the world. In New York, he had the privilege to undergo a kundalini yoga teacher training by one of the best American yoga academies, Kundalini Yoga East.

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Katja Schleicher

Katja is Communication Coach, Public Speaking Trainer & Key-Note Speaker. Words, what they mean, how they are perceived by an audience and how to implement change by using them properly, are her passion and business model. She already knew early in life that talking is gold and silence the beginning of al troubles. Equipped with three languages, two passports and a European heart, Katja travels across borders constantly to bring people and ideas closer through communication. Since 10 years she speaks at conferences about communicative misunderstandings and how to initiate change through communication.

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Manuela Stoerzer

Prize-awarded holistic approach to coaching: Manuela helps explore the space beyond the conditioned mind, where creativity is hosted. Europe´s first Walking Coach combines physical and mental exercises to boost body and mind awareness. https://thewalkingguru.org/walking/As a Martial Artist since age 7 Anthony applies Martial Arts principles in Coaching. He practices and teaches Chi Kung andAikido and uses those tools to help discover connection of body, mind and energy as such. He gives business and private seminars together with Manuela. www.yaduma.org

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Anjali Multani

Anjali is a multi-oriented designer working in the fields of communication design as well as project management and business development. As an open minded person she supports creative agencies, companies and start ups regarding all communication matters for their brand or current projects. The curiosity about future work relations and great project keep her passionate about what she is doing. It’s been now more than a year where she became a relevant part at Year of the X.

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Anthony Reid

As a Martial Artist since age 7 Anthony applies Martial Arts principles in Coaching. He practices and teaches Chi Kung and Aikido and uses those tools to help discover connection of body, mind and energy as such. He gives business and private seminars together with Manuela. http://yaduma.org

Come to Mallorca and join us for an amazing countryside location, sleep in a Spanish Finca, listen to frogs singing under an amazingly clear sky full of stars. Learn about yourself and your leadership style, learn from Australian neuroscientist, experience the correlation between happiness and culture @Zappos. Or experience a Yoga bootcamp conducted by professional Yoga instructors.

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